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Sol HA, and prom 5-4-17 updated

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a few HA shots, not the best of seeing here, sols very fazy with loads of cloud, might of over processed a bit.

but Hay I'm happy to get anything in HA.

kit, ED80, Quark chromo, asi12mc. 50% reducer. about 200 to 250 frames each shot.

thanks for looking, hope you all have clear skys, charl.




this is the max mag I can get without those darn lines.





prom near 9oclock.




AR2648 Closer up without the reducer, see how I get the lines at the bottom without it, don't get them if I don't convert, must get a mono cam...




 these lines don't half knock me back processing wise, because I have to hold off to try and not make them visable

so with these last pics I gave them the full wack of my processing skills and dam the darn lines sometimes you have to just go for it....

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added pics
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Some nice images and some artistic processing.

Do you think an Altair GP mono Cam, the original one not the latest, would be any use to you as a stop gap ? I lent one to Stu for the transit but I don't think he's using it now, you're welcome to borrow it.

No idea if the sensor / pixel size is any good for the Quark and your setup.


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thanks Iain, I wouldn't say I'm back yet mate but today was allmost there, only got 5 vids and the biggist was 1500 but 700 of that was cloud. hope you have clear tomorrow. charl.

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thanks Dave, wonders of photoshop mate, the vids wasn't the best.  I might be taking you up on the offer mate, that's very kind, but hopfully ill be getting one in the next week, can I get back to you on that mate, in the meantime il gather some intel on the Altair GP mono Cam. clear skys , charl..

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Pretty good results from the Quark Chromo....

I'd say they are a little "over cooked"

Hold back a little on the wavelets and contrast enhancement.

Onwards and Upwards.


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