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Skywatcher Explorer 200P-DS OTA **withdrawn from sale**

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Hi, I am selling my Skywatcher Explorer 200P-DS OTA  Black Diamond edition with tube rings and dovetail, including 9x50 straight through finderscope, and two stock EPs 10mm & 25mm. Recently acquired, but not used much (much prefer my 'fracs), however I've had some great views of the moon, planets and DSO's with this light bucket. In excellent condition with dual speed Crayford 2" focuser, with a 1.25" adapter need to use 1.25" EP's and achieve focus visually.  O marks whatsoever on the tube, just the standard few on the dovetail bar, otherwise in emaculate condition. This scope is aimed at astrophotography at f5 (hence the DS part in the name), but is also just as great great for purely just visual use too. Due to size of this scope this has to be either via collection or meet up somewhere, which I  will to travel up to an hour away from Hull to meet up. Any further in the UK and we can work out something as I travel around a lot, especially to the south east. Looking for £170 for the OTA.

I also have to protect the scope a red geoptic bag/case which I will sell with the scope also as a deal option for £30, and will give the scope buyer first refusal on the bag. If the scope buyer doesn't want the bag I will offer it open to others for £40 (P&P to be discussed due to size). 

Pictures below.

Any questions please ask!


**withdrawn from sale**





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Pictures added now. 

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 Now withdrawn from sale.

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    • By Floyd1995
      Hey guys. After many years of waiting, I've decided to finally go for my first telescope. Yet, today find myself stuck between two excellent entry-level options, so I'm looking for some help.
      Before I get straight to my questions, I'd like to share some information about what I'm expecting to do with the equipment (among other stuff). 
      - Objectives: Deep Sky, and some planetary observation. No interest in astrophotography, GoTo, or any other device (maybe/eventually in the future). 
      - Budget: Given complementary I'll be getting a 2x Barlow (SkyWatcher; achromatic), and a starguider laser collimator (1.25-2), these are my two best available options to fit on its range.
      - Light pollution: Low-Med. 
      Being that said, here are my questions:
      - Mount: After days of heavy research, so far hardly found a review about it; What do you guys think about the AZEQ AVANT type of mount?; Could it beat Dobsonians?; Would it be a better option in my case? and if so, why?
      - Conventional Tube vs Heritage's Compact Flex Tube: What are the differences (pros-cons) I can expect from one and the other? (despite no difference between mirrors and diameter).
      - Explorer 130P AZEQ AVANT (newbie question): Would it be possible to transport the whole structure armed from one spot to the other in my yard? 
      Any help/opinion welcomed. 
      Happy 2019! 
    • By Nigeyboy
      Afternoon all,
      I have set my sights on this OTA, as I think it is a good compromise between aperture and focal length. What I am struggling to find is some good reviews from people who have actually owned and used this scope themselves!
      So - any of you peeps had this scope now / in the past? What are your thoughts, and are there any issues / problems I should know about?
      It will be mounted on an EQ3-2 for the time being. I hope to have saved up enough by next summer to get a more substantial mount!
      Thanks in advance
    • By THL22
      Hello stargazers, 
      I've been stalking this forum for a good couple months now in my search for a telescope. My main focus will be the visual observing of planets and DSOs. I like photography might plan that later if possible (i'd like it to be). The skies where i live is somewhat polluted but not so much. I can easily spot most constellations with the naked eye if my drive my car on a hill outside the city.  I was thinking about one of the models below. I'd like the get the best bang for the buck and minimize the risk of being disappointed and then wanting a more expensive tube later on. I'd like to learn the sky by heart thus steering clear of a GOTO for now. I'm not going to buy anything right now because I'm putting some hard earned cash in a pair of binos first.

      My options: (but I'm open to any and all suggestions!)
      Skywatcher Skymax 150 PRO €569.37 + Skywatcher EQ5 Deluxe €269.02
      Objective Lens Diameter: 150mm
      Telescope Focal Length: 1800mm (f/12)

      EQ5 because it's a good stable mount that I basically can keep using if I ever upgrade the OTA
      Skywatcher Skyliner 250PX Dobsonian €463.49
      Diameter of Primary Mirror: 254mm
      Telescope Focal Length: 1200mm (f/4.7)
      Celestron Omni XLT 127 €647.16
      Objective Lens Diameter: 127mm
      Telescope Focal Length: 1250 mm (f/10)
      Skywatcher Skymax 127 OTA €274.42 + Skywatcher EQ5 Deluxe €269.02 (Or EQ3-2 for €442.96) 
      Diameter of Primary Mirror: 127mm
      Telescope Focal Length: 1500mm (f/11.81)

      I might also get the less stable EQ3-2 for a 100 euros less. But again, the EQ5 is a good investment I believe
      Skywatcher Explorer 200P EQ5 €504.55
      Diameter of Primary Mirror: 200mm
      Telescope Focal Length: 1000mm (f/5)

      I got all the prices from FLO.
      Some questions that I still have: (thanks for staying with me so long)
      - Would you be able to see some DSOs with anything up from f/10? 
      - Is a dew shield necessary if i live in the Netherlands? 
      - I know its been asked a lot but what eyepieces would you recommend? FLO recommend BSTs. Then again which lengths?
      I thinks thats all for now:) Thanks so much for checking this post out.
      Clear skies to you all!
    • By Eduardo Ventura
      I hope this is the best place to post this...
      I recently acquired a Sky-Watcher Explorer 150P DS and an HEQ5 Pro to go with it and couldn't find that much information regarding what was actually in the boxes, to know if I needed to buy anything else, etc.. So I made this unboxing video so that people can actually see what the boxes contain and get a bit more information regarding the kit.
      Bear in mind that this is my frist unboxing video and that I don't have any intention of being a know-it-all... I just want to share information with people out there...
      If you find these helpful I'll continue to do these (since I'm waiting for the arrival of an eyepiece and a Barlow, otherwise I'll just stop...
    • By Spaced Out
      Hi All
      I’m a complete novice thinking of purchasing my first telescope for both viewing the night sky and astrophotography. I have a good telescope for birdwatching that I occasionally use to look at the sky, this has given me a taste for exploring what’s up there but I really need something more suitable to take me deeper.   
      I am very lucky to live in a part of Northumberland with little light pollution, so I intend to do most of my observing from the back garden. However, I may want to transport the telescope from time to time in my van.
      I already do a lot of landscape astrophotography and I own DSLR gear for that purpose. As I already have an interest in photography I am sure that I will want to try my hand at prime focus photography through whichever telescope I end up purchasing, I would be particularly keen to try photographing some deep sky objects if possible.
      I have spent the last few days online researching which telescope might help me step into the world of star gazing/astrophotography and I am thinking along the lines of a skywatcher 200PDS with a HEQ5 mount.   
      Everyone here will have more experience than me so I thought I’d ask whether this would be a suitable set up for my requirements as a complete novice looking to teach myself about the sky and bung a DSLR on it now and then ?! It costs a lot of money and so will involve some saving up before I can purchase, I did consider cheaper set ups but my mate told me if I was keen to use a DSLR then I should save my money for something more suitable or I might end up frustrated. I hope the 200PDS is suitable ?
      Thanks in advance for any thoughts or advice you can offer.
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