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Have I killed my rechargeable sealed lead acid battery

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Having trouble with my motors recently so thought I'd charge my sealed lead acid battery for the first time and I think I've killed it. I just plugged it in not realising the arrows on a connection in the cable should have been pointing together, see photo. It came connected but not arrow to arrow. It was on for 12 hours before I realised and there was no life in it at all. Now it's had 12 hours on the right way, still nothing. 

Is it a lost cause??




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What is the output of the charger? If it is 500mah, then at the extremely very best, it will take up to 24hrs to charge that battery. The real output is usually less than what is stated.

Put a volt meter on the battery and see how many volts are in it. Chances are that the charger recognised the reverse polarity when you switched on, and didn't charge it (or blow it up!) . 

One suggestion is, throw the charger away, those things are useless and get a proper charger for real piece of mind, not wishing to be rude. 

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I use this for my batteries, and it can be left attached permanently, as I do with my caravan leisure battery. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sakura-Car-Van-4x4-Bike-12v-6v-5-3A-Automatic-Intelligent-Smart-Battery-Charger-/301663140633?hash=item463c863b19:g:askAAOSwmtJXa-11 

I bought mine about 4-5 years ago, at twice the price. 4 stage computer controlled, keeps the battery in it's best condition by cycling it. 

Further to my first post, the charger you use will just throw in what it spits out, and will not tailor each charge to what the battery needs, whereas a computer controlled stage charger will. Your batteries will last much longer too.

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When I worked with lead-acid batteries, they were charged with a charger that delivered a fixed voltage of 2.25 volts per cell (6.90 volts for a "6volt" battery). Such a charger can be left connected indefinitely.  With unregulated chargers there is a danger of overcharging the battery.  Maplin offered a suitable charger for a sealed  "6 volt" lead-acid battery.  Don't expect a suitable charger to be particularly cheap.  Even if you shorted out your battery, with a bit of luck it may recover enough after charging with a proper charger to deliver some power to your mount.

For working with batteries, a reliable test meter that can test voltage and, if necessary, charging amps, is almost essential. 

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Hi Peter,

I use a balance charger, it controls the current entering the battery based on the voltage reading so it never overcharges. You will need pair of banana plugs wired to crocodile clips to connect the charger to the battery.

This is identical to the one I use:


It works for all types of batteries including lead acid.

HTH Dan :happy7:

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Thanks everyone. Some good points to consider. Looks like I'm getting some life back into the battery so I'll give it a go shortly. Last time out the DEC motor wouldn't turn so I'll report back later. 

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