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Remote Usb over cat 5/6 v Team veiwer/wifi to remote laptop

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Hi All

I am some advice on how to proceed  I am currently running team viewer over wi-fi but it is a bit slow in responding. This also could be due to a using a 10 year old laptop as well . I am also currently in the process of wiring in a starcom usb 2.0 to cat 5/6 from observatory to the conservatory/warm room  a distance of approx. 75ft which I intend to use as the camera feed back to new fast desk top in the conservatory/warm room for picture downloading the question is?

A.  Can I run  all the other usb devices ie mount control, filter wheel , auto focuser,guide cam and security cam as well without sacrificing the main imaging  camera download speed.

B.  or should I keep the wi-fi connection as well  or am I over complicating the set up?

C.   or spend some more cash and run a second data cable and another cat5 to usb converter, this could be just standard usb.

ps the main imaging camera will be either the ZWO ASI1600MM-Cool USB 3.0 Mono Camera or the modded Nikon D5200.

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Hi Ed

Thanks for the feedback

Having slept on it over night I am going to add a second wire and a powered hub/converter whilst it still easy to install. This is to run the  ancillary Usb equipment Up  in the conservatory/warm room where I can use my main laptop which is an i7 HP ENVY 17 then this will leave the main pc to do imaging only.


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