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iPhone Sun 2nd April 2017


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Thought I might miss the sun today, but having read Michael's post I decided to pop the kit in the car and set up in my parents garden for the day. Nice sunny spells between the clouds. I was mainly doing visual; great to see some activity, really quite dramatic active region in white light, plenty of detail visible despite the poor seeing.

These are shots taken through one channel of the Binoviewer, one at native power using 25mm Orthos, the second with a Barlow fitted (AP Barcon). I'm not sure there is much additional detail in the second?

Anyway, taken using ProCam4, processed using PS Express as normal.



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Stu..........for a Phone cam that is b***** brilliant :-), just shows you don't need nowt fancy.

I found thin haze but good seeing which was a little odd but still processing, even in Solar minimum it's putting on a show.

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7 hours ago, Moonshane said:

impressive buddy. The hardest bit I expect if getting it aligned properly with the camera?

My daughter always struggles with that!

Thanks Chap.

Yes, that's the trickiest bit, but once you work out where the position is it gets easier. If you remember that you need to be in the same place you put your eye, it helps, so pulling the phone away from the eyepiece a little gets you on the 'exit pupil' much more easily.

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