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LAS SKyCamp at Kelling 22 Sep - 25 Sep 2017

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I'm a newbie to Kelling, hoping to attend for the first time in September. I'm aware accommodation is limited - I have been offered a Heron lodge (i know, luxury - but I DO'NT CAMP UNDER CANVAS). It's not far from the red and yellow fields. I'm a visual observer, in the UK I use a grab & go 3" refactor on a manual AZ4 mount (I know - true nonGOTO, quick set up and photons soon on eyeballs). My first question is will I be able to set up away from imagers and away from the Herons? I'm told the red and yellow fields are close by the Herons. 

Thanking the Kelling pros, in advance...


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You could make use of the children's adventure playground and sports field which is adjacent to the red and yellow fields and provides a bit of a clearing from the trees. Another good spot could be the viewpoint on the heathland which looks out onto the coastline in the distance.

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At Kelling the imagers and others are mixed together which provides for various issues. You may find someone who is willing to let you set up on their pitch. Watch out for the adders if you use the heathland. In general the top of the red field is the valley of the Dobs so there are limited imagers there.



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There are often some empty pitches where people have either cancelled their booking at the last minute or just don't turn up.  Strangely, this seems to be most prevalent towards the top of the Red field.  

If I were in your position I would ask the people either side of an empty pitch if they know if it is being used that night and if they mind you setting up their for the night.  As long as you stick to the strict lighting code during the evening I can't see people objecting.

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Many thanks for the replies.

I'm au fait with the etiquette of star-parties, particular in regard to red/white light illumination. I shall pop along to the red field to enquire as per your advice at nightfall.

p.s. as a townie I have to ask what is an adder? Some kind of imaging kit?...

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