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Walking on the Moon

Sol WL 2-4-17 08.30


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got up early to catch sol. seeings ok today, the ars are looking very nice .

kit- 120mm f5 frac, lunt wedge. 1.5x barlow 1200d.

65 frames staxed with regi, tickled with photoshop.  ive got some HA data to come.

hope you all have clear skys, thanks for looking, charl.





coloured invert.




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Nicely done Charl, more grey than blue here again, not been up long as I was trying to get some imaging done last night before the Moon gets too big, the clouds practically became stationary and parked over the spot I was trying to image, didn't get to bed until 3am.


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thanks Iain, yer mate the spots are there in Ha its just the chromezone is hiding them,with the mega amount of surface detail HA , there is a way of getting both with the Quark I just havnt figerd it out yet.  clear skys. charl.

1 hour ago, Iainp said:

the smaller spots between the two main ones only show well in WL and not HA.


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Cracking shots Charl, loads of detail in the close ups.. I've been chasing gaps in the cloud for most of the day.. its the most action we've had in a while so nice that a few of us a capturing it!

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