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My problem relates to comfortable viewing position vs scope balancing. I've seen the astroshed guy's video on balancing with regards to the centre of gravity related to eye piece, viewing scope.

So I balance the scope perfectly on the horizotal but verticaly its way of until I rotate the scope. Great its perfect. Then I go out to view only to find that the eye piece is 2 feet up and out of range. For viewing I need to undo the rings slightly, rotate the scope, rethiten and view which defeats the object of balancing the scope. Any tips and suggestions please? :)

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tube ring collar  on my sw200p i used another tube ring acts as a collar so undo tube rings and rotate top ring rests on  second tube ring 

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Yup same problem hear I went the route of using embroidery hoops above each tube ring a couple of quid at least the tube stays in the same place however by rotating the tube will always throw it off balance abit.I balanced mine with my most used eyepiece in my most comfortable viewing position with perfect balance regards the mount but rotating the tube with regards to what you are observing will always throw it off a tad.I can't imagine anyone rebalancing the scope every time you rotate the tube and don't forget you will use a different eyepiece more than once in a session and some will weigh more than others.

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I would say that getting good balance is more towards imaging so I would not be too worried about balance. I normally make sure the scope is a bit West heavy to help with backlash but again this is more to help with guiding.

Just get it roughly there and rotate as you need to so that it is comfortable for you to view.

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      Hey guys,
      Pretty new to the forums, so hello everyone!
      I have been using a Vixen Super Polaris EQ mount with a Vixen 80m refractor for many, many years. During this period I was not caring too much about polar alignment at all, but instead just to whip it out and have a look around.
      Recently I have purchased myself a SkyWatcher 200 P reflector with a HEQ5 SynScan mount which together is extremely heavy in a bid to start learning some astrophotography as in East Anglia light pollution isn't too common. My garden does have 'some' solid ground but this is not in an ideal location and so I will most definitely have to use my gardens boggy grass. I am worried due to the weight and the boggy grass, my scope will slowly sink down whilst taking shots.
      Do any of you guys have any proven solutions or mods that you have come up with in a similar situation to eradicate your set up sinking on loose ground? Just curious if this has been dealt with before in a smart manor.
    • By Knighty2112
      Phew! Finally finished off my az3 mod to add some weight/s to the front end of the scope. Just finished attaching it to the scope, and tested it out with my heaviest load with the 2" diagonal & the Meade 40mm EP which weighs a ton on it own (combined weight just over 1.7kg). Works even at the highest point the scope can go and winds down OK with two weights fitted. When the scope is horizontal the weights are clear of the legs still, so no issues to move it around left or right. For most EPs etc I think just one weight will suffice, but it is easy peasy to add the second one if needed. Now, bring on the clear skies!

    • By davedownsouth
      Hoping that someone with a William Optics Zenithstar ZS71 (http://www.firstlightoptics.com/william-optics/william-optics-zenithstar-zs71-ed-2013.html) can give me some help with getting it to balance when a camera has been attached (front end light at the moment).   At the moment I have got it is clamped onto my mount via the last 2mm of the dovetail and I am very nervous that it will slip off at some point.  I guess I need to add an extra Vixen-type foot onto the existing foot otherwise I will not have any clearance on the focuser (especially the focuser lock)?  Is anyone able to provide a link to what I need as I get lost looking at all of the different adapters / dovetails on FLO ,
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      Hi everybody!
      My family want to go to Australia in the next couple of years, and I really want to take advantage of this opportunity to see the southern sky, and I want to take a scope. However, I can't possibly take my 150p, it's much too heavy, so I'll need another scope. I've been thinking about the SkyWatcher Skymax 127 goto, for several reasons:
      1. It's light (approx 11kg)
      2. It's compact
      3. It would make a good secondary scope in the future, because it's good for planets, and nearly as large as my 150p in aperture
      But I've been wondering, is 11kg too heavy? I mean, it will be a 3 week holiday, so there will be a lot of clothes to take up weight. And if it is, what could I take that's lighter?
      Thanks for reading
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