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Lunt LS50THa B600 connect DSLR

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A month ago I bought a Lunt LS50THA B600, great little scope, now I want to connect my DSLR..

 I know  I should use a webcam but I really want to use a DSLR.


I can't figure out whats the best way to do this, My budget is €200 euro.

I hope there is somebody here who found out a way to do this.

Maybe use a nikon --> 1.25 adapter and srew on a Meade 3x barlow. Would that work?


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Hi and welcome. There is an issue with using a DSLR directly with the Lunt 50. If you have the standard helical focuser then it probably won't work because it is not possible to reach focus. It is now possible to upgrade the focuser to a superior version to overcome this. A cheaper option that worked for me was to use eyepiece projection. I connected my DSLR directly to my 10mm Baader Hyperion EP using the Baader M43/T2 adaptor. This worked ok but it does add a lot of weight to the already poor quality helical focuser. If you have a budget of 200 Euro your best option by far is to buy a mono planetary imager such as the ZWOASI120 mono. If you use a DSLR with an H alpha scope don't forget you are only using a quarter of your available pixels.

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Chris is absolutely right in saying that a DSLR is the worst camera for solar imaging:  The Bayer matrix is absolutely worthless on solar imaging, If the DSLR is unmodded then the chance of getting any images is almost none.

The backfocal distance of your DSLR is about 44 mm, another challenge... 
On top of that the B600 filter is really small, so you will have a lot of vignetting to deal with as well.
Best option:  Mono CCD or CMOS camera with a small sensor.

and then... unmodded DSLR? no registration of H alpha....

There are more pitfalls to deal with when solar imaging, too much to write down here, so I took the liberty to attach a very nice piece of info that may help you.


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