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Monitors, Gamma and Processing

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I often see my images and think they are over-processed and noisy. When I upload to SGL, I often go away and come back, and they look bad.

I have come to realise that one reason is when sitting down for a long time I relax (slump!) and see the monitor from a lower angle, effectively lowering the gamma of my screen so I end up stretching the dark parts of the image too far. It doesn't help that the back foot of stand slips off the back of my desk, causing it to tilt by about five degrees, enough to make a significant difference!

I also find that different programs seem to use different gamma settings, Astra Image definitely displays images with a higher gamma than Photoshop (so I tend to overdo noise reduction and get NR artefacts!) and firefox appears to use higher gamma as well (although the new SGL software seems to be kinder to my pictures than the old system).

I spent ages calibrating my monitor, and am soon to re-do it but after changing the angle so I look at it more face-on.

I will do this using the built in calibration routine in windows, but are there any other tools for this that are better suited to AP?

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I had similar issue recently. Did windows calibration, it helped with image processing, but it took some time to adjust to new gamma, brightness and contrast settings during day / business use (I program for living, so most of my work time is spent reading / looking at plain text).

I also noticed that there is significant difference in results of my processing depending on the time of the day the processing was done in. If I process during evenings / early night time when there is no natural light (we tend to use really soft light just before bed time) images just look too dim during daytime. And if I process during daytime looking at the image in "night conditions" just makes noise pop out. All of this was more pronounced before calibration, but to some extent remains an issue even after calibration. I might add that my monitor is fairly decent, not professional level, but not some entry level stuff either - it's DELL U2311H with IPS panel.

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1 hour ago, Alien 13 said:

I use a Spyder 5 calibrator on my laptop screen it makes a huge difference.

Not as expensive as I expected, but will have to queue behind things like Ha filter, guide camera and food...

1 hour ago, vlaiv said:

processing depending on the time of the day

Yep, I gave up of calibrating, because the sun is bright even with the blind down. I think I'll wait until the evening as most of my processing is evening or dull days!

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