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Old data - New methods - LDN1534


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Following on from the new methods I've picked up from processing IFN - I thought about what it might look like if applied to some dark nebulae. So I ran the same process on an LDN I took a while ago from my back garden.

Obviously its never going to be as good as something taken from the dark site, but it definitely did give my limited data a bit of a kick... which is promising because I know when I do go for some dark stuff from the dark site I'll be able to get the most out of it.

The background stars are now much reduced, outlying dust increased, dark nebulosity increased.



Before (original process):


After (new process):



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6 hours ago, Maximidius said:

Certainly does work. I'd love to know what the new process is and if it's with PI or PS??

Its about 95% photoshop, but you also need some software capable of digtal development (ie: Maxim DL). I might try and work on a way to make it exclusively Ps, but that will take some tinkering. Tutorial is here:


(only try it if you have a spare 3-4 hours)

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41 minutes ago, StuartJPP said:

I have been through some of Scott's tutorials....Very good stuff in them...Trying to remember it all is another thing.

Definitely worth the time invested. I think the only downside to the method is that if your data is flawed (dust bunnies etc), it will show it all up - so clean optics, filters and/or properly applied calibration frames are a must-do  :)

Like you though, I did try it once last night without the video on and missed a couple of steps... whoops! So I popped it back on so I could do the walkthrough properly.

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