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Finally I have got some kind of gif, its not great but not too bad either, I had been imaging with my modded camera and didn't swap cameras so having a little trouble with colours.

Comet 41P/Carole-Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresak :) :) a few nights ago.

2 hours of 120 subs ISO 800.

I can get a much better single image, nice green comet and dark background but can't seem to batch process the lot to match.





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Nigel G - so if I went and looked for it one night that's all I'm looking for (probably less as I guess your camera has the benefit of lots of light collecting in the processing).  My word - that falls into my 'probably wouldn't find it in the first place category' - let alone your 'I'm sure I'm on it so lets image it!!!' category.  Dead impressed here!

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A cropped version with a little colour saturation.




This really shows up the hot pixels from my sensor, theres slight movement in the stars but not the HP's

These frames need calibrating :) 

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