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Bug or undocumented feature?

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I think this is one for Grant....

When I use the smilies, it only inserts at the end of all text, not the current cursor position........

It's not a major thing, just thought I'd mention it..


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UPDATE: Just has a thought and tested this - it is only a problem in my firefox, it is OK in I.E.

I would assume, therefore, that this is a minor niggle with Firefox's Java???


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I'm pretty sure this is a problem with the way Firefox's javascript works, I don't think firefox let's websites be able to detect where the cursor is like internet explorer does, it also doesn't let the websites detect if you have selected any text on the page or not, possibly they have done this because of security issues?


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Hi Darren,

I get the same thing with FF 1.06.

If i type a message and then go back to insert a smiley, it sticks the smiley at the of the message regardless of where the cursor is placed.

Al, try typing that message again but insert all the smileys afterwards. Be interesting to see if does the same.

But works fine in IE6.0.

A bit annoying but can live with it. And almost certainly an FF quirk.


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Firefox is another browser, a much better browser IMHO.

Goto http://www.mozilla.org/ and take a look. You can extend the functionality by adding extensions (little extra bits of software that do cool and funky things) that you can't in IE.

Example, in my Firefox status bar at the bottom of the page, I have an extension to control Winamp, Forecast Fox (a weather plug-in) and adblock (allows me to block website ad's). There are tons of these things.

So, now you know :)


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I tend to write the text first, then go back, correct all the spellings, delete it all, start again, go back and correct the spellings, then add the smilies :)

That's the only reason I noticed it. If you smilie as you go it's not a prob.

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I've tried this on a number of different phpbb forums, everyone suffers from this problem with firefox and smileys. The way to overcome it is to insert the smiley so it appears at the end and cut and paste the smiley code where you want it, alternatively most smiley codes are relatively simple, so for example:

: ) = :)

: D = :)

: ( = :)

: o = :o

: shock: = :shock:

: P = :)

: oops: = :oops:

: lol: = :o

(Remove the spaces after the begining : to use the codes)

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Al, just tried another two forums and i get the same problem. I wonder if that forum you found have configured theirs differently so it's compatible. I have no idea how though.

Grant, that's basically how i do it. Just cut and paste into the right place. Just a shame IE works and FF doesn't.

Won't stop me using FF though.


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I've just installed a really, really complicated mod to the forum which should fix this behaviour so it work's in firefox and internet explorer, can people give it a try for me just to comfirm? It seems to be working fine for me in internet explorer.


Grant :cheers:

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