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After a long spell of cloud, last weekend saw a couple of consecutive clear nights to collect some data

Got data from M101 collected over two nights (Thursday & Friday) in DSS.  This is result from the second night, 2 Hrs 40 Mins of lights in total - 120 secs @ ISO 800 with 99 flats, 48 darks and 111 bias frames. Through 102mm triplet and DSLR un-modded 650D. Guided in PHD2.  Quick and ready levels & curves adjustment and noise reduction in CS6

But then stacked just the best 19 subs from the second night totalling less than 39 minutes with matching calibration frames

Quite pleased with the initial results but to re process both night's data to see if can bring out more of the spiral arms.



M101 Cornley Rd all frames 2 hrs 32 mins quick process cs6.jpg

M101 Cornley Rd 19 refocus frames 38 mins quick processCS6.jpg

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Hi Julian. Nice capture. I hope you don't mind me having a little play with your image. You have a green cast over the whole image. You could just change the individual channels in levels, or there's a plug in for PS called HLVG which gets rid of the green.





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