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Walking on the Moon

March 27, 2017: Ca-K and WL disks (and WL detail) with some new activity

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Managed to grab quite some data over lunch, with glorious sunshine, and pretty good seeing. I first had a look in WL and spotted the new AR that popped up over the weekend. I totally missed the little spot on the western half of the disk. I only spotted that when imaging in Ca-K. Later during processing I spotted yet another AR close to the eastern limb, with a sprinkling of small spots or pores amidst some faculae. A lot more going on than last week.

WL disk, grey scale:


Wl, disk, pseudo colour:


WL detail, grey scale. There is a bit of a dust bunny to the left of the AR, but otherwise very pleased with the detail


WL detail, pseudo colour:


Ca-K, disk, grey scale:


Ca-K, disk, pseudo colour:



I have a set of 6 Ca-K panes taken with the 2x TeleXtender stacking at the moment. Hopefully they will stitch into a mosaic. I might also get a set of H-alpha images this afternoon from home (summer time can be handy)

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