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NGC4725 - My new favourite galaxy!


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Hi folks. I stumbled across this gorgeous pair of galaxies in Coma Berenices over the weekend, NGC 4725 and 4712.  New to me. I just love the delicate details in the spiral. Apparently, 4725 is 40 Million LY away, and 4712 is around 200. Loads of faint distant galaxies also visible.

This is the product of around 12 hours of 4 minute exposures, plus just 30 minutes each of R and B binned 2x. Atix 428ex, 200mm f/5 Newtonian. It was great to have a couple of consecutive clear nights for a change, and at the weekend too!


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Many thanks for the comments.

I managed to capture a few hours of Ha and added it to the image, which I think gives it a bit of depth. I know that Ha is usually used to augment the red channel, but I've done it here in two flavours. Personally, I prefer the bluer version.



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I think a lot depends on the final histogram of the Ha as it is applied. My own approach on galaxy Ha is to keep the low level Ha signal down and let only the stronger Ha into the red channel. That will pick out star forming regions etc without reddening the rest.


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