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Walking on the Moon

Another White Light Solar Set-up

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With the arrival of my new Lacerta 2" Herschel wedge time for a dedicated scope set-up.

My Orion 120mm f/5 has been slightly modded by shortening the OTA tube by 20 to allow for extra infocus travel. Useful with any solar wedge. As the replacement Skywatcher crayford focuser has 20mm more travel than the stock focuser it won't cause any problems if I wanted to use the scope for night time observing. Also fitted a Lacerta solar finder which fits into a standard finder mounting shoe although the Lacerta foot is a bit on the wide side and may need filing down to fit some finder shoes. Seems to fit a Skywatcher shoe OK though.

Mounted on a Skytee II and the complete set-up can be carried out on to the patio as is. That is if you have a conservatory with double doors. :icon_biggrin: Early days yet but the Lacerta wedge seems to be every bit as good as the Baader Cool Wedge that I used to have. The Brewster 56.6 degree angle of the wedge does give very even polarizing and a greater range of adjustment.

Oh and an HA scope can of course be mounted on the Skytee mount as well.











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