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wot missing?


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Was wondering what wis missing from he observatory.

  • OTA - check
  • mount - check
  • guiding - check
  • computers - check
  • wifi hub/ap - check

then it hit me.

No bleeding walls!!!!!!


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Yeah, pretty good view from SW mount to E. There is a town about 4 miles off to the North, but, its not too bad.

Gear is only out for a trial run for today - weather forecast is clear all the way through to tomorrow evening.

Normally it is on a desk in the lounge with active USB cables running out to the mount(s).

I wanted to see if I can have everything outside in preparation for a holiday in three weeks on the Norther Isles.

Plan is that I would only need to run mains and ethernet outside. Shortly will just be mains, as I am going to add a power-line adapter out there so only one cable running out.

A couple of ventilated plastic boxes put the PCs in... then tidy up cabling around the mounts.


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1 hour ago, Skipper Billy said:

I would look at some sort of weatherproofing for all those exposed 240v plugs and sockets !!!

Even if its just upturned plastic boxes to keep the dew/moisture off.


the reel lives in a zippered lined cool bag - once everything has been plugged; didn't see much point while I was still setting up :)

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