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Walking on the Moon

Another night of the 'Secret Deep'

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Last night was again clear but the transparency was not the best.

However, there were a number of objects from Steve O'Meara's Secret Deep that I wanted to view. Set up the 12" Dob and these were the objects.

NGC1342 an open cluster in Perseus called 'Stingray'. Over to NGC1514 the PN (Crystal Ball) - bright central star with a haze surrounding it. The next object/s is interesting - maps define the object as NGC 1746 but within it is NGC 1750 and 1758. TBH you really need Steve's book to define these two clusters.

The last two objects from the book that I observed was NGC1807 and NGC1817.

I ended my observing session looking at PNs in Gemini. I first looked at NGC2392 (Eskimo Neb) and used an Astronomik O-III together with an ES82 6.7mm EP giving 227x mag - nice detail. This was followed by the double (really one) PN - NGc2371-2 which seemed better using the 9mm Myraid and a Skywatcher UHC filter. As a final curtain looked at the Comet nicely placed in Ursa Major still looking like a diffused galaxy.


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Very good Mark, I have noticed that there have been a few comments about transparency last night. I didn't get out observing, but I did notice that the sky from my back yard gradually became fairly diminished later on. Interesting concerning the open cluster NGC 1342, I will note that and look it up. I plan on committing some time in Perseus tonight (as well as in Draco) and have in mind open cluster NGC 1528, which I believe is worth a visit. My attention will be on NGC 1491 a bright emission, potentially observable with an OIII. I am particularly interested to start the evening, at a dark sky location (spoilt for choice where to go as it looks to be great everywhere) with an observation of the comet.  

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