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Venus at 1.1% illumination Watercolour


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It's been a washed out sky all day with thin cloud cover even when it looked clear. This made finding Venus very difficult against a bright sky background. Still in the late afternoon I managed to catch a view of the planet before it dropped behind the high tree line to my south west. The seeing was turbulent and the transparency mediocre at best, but I managed a quick pencil sketch.

Attached is a quick watercolour illustrating Venus in a turbulent sky.



2017-03-23 23.11.15.jpg

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So so delicate. 

It is rare to see astro related water colours. Some nebula could work really well. Sadly I have no talent in that direction. Have any of you experts given it at try?



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3 hours ago, laudropb said:

Nice watercolour Mike. Tried for Venus last evening but could not spot it in the murky skies.

It was certainly not an easy find due to the bright sky and high level haze, in fact I found it a difficult target yesterday.  Once found of course its a great sight! I intend to try again today but there's a lot of high thin cloud that's going to be fighting against me. It's so thin that it almost gives the impression of showing the Bailey's beads effect.

Mike ☺

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