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Needle Galaxy (NGC 4565)

Skipper Billy

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Needle Galaxy (NGC 4565) from the last two nights - RGB one night and Lum the next. Awful seeing and transparency - windy too ! 25 x 80 seconds each of RGB and 20 x 240 seconds lum. Atik 460 EX, HEQ5, SW ED80, Baader LRGB filters, processed in Pixinsight and touched up in Photoshop. Not something I am proud of but that's it now until September - no real darkness after this weekend this far North at anything like a sensible time (57º North) - have a nice summer!!


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Don't be despondent, that's a good Needle galaxy with spot-on framing and good colour balance.

Clearly conditions didn't help and the image is a touch soft; no doubt the wind limited the length of your subs.

All told there is a lot to be pleased about.

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