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Walking on the Moon

Is it worth modifying?


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 With recent purchases (200p ds and neq6 pro) still to come, I raided my electro-bin and found two cameras- fujifilm s2950 and Panasonic dmc f11. Both have 14mp, I believe, with Fuji being cmos and Panasonic ccd. None has detachable lense, but I think I could find a way to remove them. The question is - is it worth it? I was dabbling with Xbox webcam on my current (please don't laugh) Celeste on Astromaster 114eq, was chuffed to bits when I got two bands on Jupiter with that, ahem, rig. I'm not sure if any of them two would produce any better images than webcam. I kind of like the chances of Panasonic lumix, as it has 60s exposure setting, ISO settings and ccd chip, but I'm a complete novice. 

Please don't suggest any purchases, as my wife would literally kill me. 

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If the cameras can produce raw image files, you can expect better results than with an iphone.

Even if you manage to remove the lens, you still need to figure out a way to attach the camera to the scope. Afocal may be the way to go.

For planetary, a webcam with lens removed may also give decent results, depending on the webcam and scope.

I think I would try afocal or stick to visual, until having saved up for a camera, either a (2nd hand) dslr or a small chip planetary cmos like the asi224.

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37 minutes ago, Erla said:

I'm not too keen to do afocal. The thing is - I played with iPhones, Samsungs etc. afocaly and they we're all overexposed. 

Not sure it being afocal or not has anything to do with exposure? With the right app you can control it quite successfully even on an iPhone


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