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Focuser replacement

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My current WO focuser has 80mm of travel, but I am thinking of replacing it with a Moonlite. Their longest travel is 2.75 inches. Would that be an ok match ?

Also as I image and will be attaching an autofocuser I can't really see me needing the dual speed.





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Was reading something where the person replaced the focuser on a GT-81 and seems they needed an extension to the body - have to say it all seemed a bit odd. Basically check that it is a straight replacement or be aware of what else you might need.

If the 2 speed is close to the simgle speed in cost then get the two speed, you may not need it but it is there if you do. Do you want to find that you need to go out later and buy another one that is a two speed. Also should you sell scope with the WO item then if you sell the focuser there are greater oppertunities.

Not sure about the match as you seem to be losing a few mm of travel.

With you being in Bath I would almost be tempted to contacting FLO then taking scope and bits to FLO and sitting with them to make sure it is all a straight swap. This does assume that FLO sell the focuser, have not checked.

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