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comet 41p with friends m108 Surfboard and m97 Owl Nebula

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Comet 41p with friends, m97 owl nebula and the m108 surfboard.

Very noisy image and my processing has left a few black rings on some stars but run out of umpf but was my first chance to grab this comet. More data needed more lights. DSS is playing odd ball and was not showing the individual frames light enough for me to mark the comet to be able to do a proper comet stack this time.

Virtuoso mount with Canon 1100d vintage 135mm f3 with an 8 inch extended flocked lens tube, ISO 800, 30s and 19 lights 8 flats 29 bias raw files, elevation was 83% when I finished but with the gutter taking over I had to do a heavy crop anyway. I did have more lights but I wasn't waving my seat cushion in quite the right way to block the pesky street light ruining the frame.

DSS, StarTools crop and 50% bin with other fiddles and final red bias adjust in PaintShopPro


Edited by happy-kat
Edited to delete the original process and changed it for this process as after reading the rules I think this is OK as it is just one entry of this image I took on this object.
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