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Rosette with ASI1600


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A first iteration, just 90min HII through the 3nm Astrodon with the 80mm f/4.4 and ASI1600 using the "Unity-Gain" preset in 45 x 2 min subs. Dark, Flat and Bias applied. Median Stack, then 3 stretches, the last two with curves, then a touch of low-pass filter to clean it up a bit.



I know there are dodgy stars in the corners, but TBH I'm fed up with fiddling with this 'scope. When I get time, and if it's warm enough that I'm not freezing my fingers I'll have another go at getting the tilt out and finalising the spacing, but it'll have to do for now.

There's [NII] and [OIII] data to be processed, so I'll see how a colour version comes out.

Been muttering about a Moravian G2 8300 with internal filter wheel as an alternative.

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Well, that's blummin anoying. Checked my other subs and I think they're unusable. The oxygen is very weak and has huge gradients through them probably from dewing up, while the nitrogen shows major rotation, most likely from the threaded connections slipping.

Why didn't I check earlier? Because I only had my low power lappie, the main computer was in storage and I only recently got it back.


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