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EQ6 and ASCOM?

Caitnahs Swan

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First, my apologies for asking this redundant question. I am fairly new to AP and have been reading so many articles/posts/threads that my confusion is immense.

 I was originally imaging with the SW80mm on an EQ6 Mount, Canon DSLR, ASI120mc (guiding) using BYEOS and PHD2. Also, using Stellarium for pointing. Connection to guide camera was via the ST4 port on mount running to Hand Controller which was connected to PC with FTDI serial/USB adapter. Was not using ASCOM. Everything functioned perfectly. I very much like using Stellarium for my pointing.

For the record, I do not use EQMOD and do not want to till later. Just too many other things to learn.

I just took possession of the ASI1600mm-c with a ZWO filter wheel. Am still using the ASI120 as a guide camera on a 50mm finder scope. Am also running SGP, PHD2 and Stellarium.

For SGP, the HC and Stellarium to work properly assume I need to install the ASCOM driver for the EQ6 mount? Like this one:  http://ascom-standards.org/Downloads/ScopeDrivers.htm...The SkyWatcher link is down at the bottom of the page.

I would also assume that I need to put the HC into PC Direct Mode? (I understand this is not the preferred method). I then would NOT use the RJ11 that used to go from the guide camera to the st4 port, correct?

Is it just a simple matter of running the ASCOM EQ6 Drivers? With this setup do I still need the shoestring adapter?

Thanks for any help.

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1 hour ago, sloz1664 said:

As far as I'm aware SGPro can only run with EQMOD when using the SW sycnscan mounts.


Actually SGP will work with any Ascom driver.

The Skywatcher driver on the Ascom website DOES NOT REQUIRE EQDIRECT mode. Just start the scope, align using the handbox and connect via Ascom/SGP. This driver does have an advantage over EQmod in that you can control the scope through both the handbox OR through SGP or any other Ascom aware planetarium.

EQmod though has the advantage that you can just start the scope in the home position, use a planetarium to slew to any area of the sky, use SGP to do a plate solve/sync and the "scope" - actually the software.... knows where it is. With the Skywatcher driver, you have to align using the limited selection of stars in the handbox. 



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