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M81 the Bode's Galaxy


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M81 or Bode's galaxy is a large bright spiral galaxy located 11.8 million light-years from Earth in the constellation of Ursa Major. With an apparent magnitude of +6.9 it's easily visible with binoculars, a fine target for small telescope owners and a wonderful sight in larger scopes. The galaxy is a striking example of a grand design spiral; a galaxy that exhibits prominent near perfect and well defined spiral arms.

Bode’s Galaxy was named after Johann Elert Bode, the German astronomer who discovered it on December 31, 1774.

Technical Details

Vixen VC200L @ f/6.4
HEQ5 synscan Pro
Guiding ST-237 guide chip of SBIG ST2000XM
Filter Wheel SBIG CFW9
Astronomik LRGB
CCD Temperature -5 degrees Celsius
Constellation Ursa Major
23 Mar, 2017
Kifisia, Athens Greece

Red : 30 min (15x2 min)
Green : 30 min (15x2 min)
Blue : 30 min (15x2 min)

L: 60 min (12x5 min)

Binning: 1x1(R,G,B,L)

Total exposure 2.3 h

Calibration: Darks, Flats, Bias

Skyx, Pixinsight


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