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Leo`s mane


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Had alot of fun observing galaxies last night, despite poor transparency.

Picking up dozens of galaxies in Virgo, Leo triplets, and M51, M63, M94.


I did however fail to detect the Galaxy cluster in Leos mane. (ngc 3185, 3189, 3193 etc)

I`ve observed them before (3 of them), but I cant remember the eyepiece focal length used.

Can you recommend the best optimal Power / exit pupil for these faint Objects?

I use 8"dob F6.





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1 hour ago, Paul73 said:

20mm should see you right!

They are big enough not to need the higher mags. Getting more than three in an 8" is very good going under anything less that pristine sky.


20mm was the (only) one I used. Must have been the poor transparency/ my own impatience that made it difficult to spot these galaxies last night.

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At F6 you could try a 24mm. But transparency of the sky is more likely to be the issue.

I use NGC2235/2236 Arp94 as my indicator targets for that area. If I can see them, then the chances are good for other faint stuff.



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