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SHA Spring Conference in Cambridge (22nd April)

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jambouk    1,140

We are having our Spring Conference in Cambridge on the 22nd April, open to non-members. The programme can be found here:



Talks include:

Howard Carlton - “John Pringle Nichol, the Nebular Hypothesis and 19th Century Cosmogony”

Dr James Hannam - “Dancing to the Music of the Spheres: Medieval Visions of the Heavens”

Dr Simon Mitton – “The History of Planetary Science - Discovering the Dynamic Planet Beneath our feet"

Dr Stewart Moore - “Charles Messier – From Birth to Death”

Mark Robinson SHA – “George With – Mirror Maker”


To book a place contact Dennis Osborne: meetings@shastro.org.uk



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JeremyS    363

That's an excellent line-up of speakers, James. Should be a great day out!


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    • By jambouk
      Allan Chapman's book, The Victorian Amateur Astronomer which was first published in 1998 is still an important read and source of references for anyone interested in the history of astronomy in Britain in the 19th century. Long out of print, second hand copies go for extortionate prices. Allan has been saying for at least 10 years that he is going to get a second edition printed with corrections, but now at last this is happening.
      I'm told the second edition will be available in the next month or so. It will be available on Amazon and can be ordered through bookshops. Below is a leaflet about it which allows you to pre order copies from the publisher, with free P&P for the UK.
      I have no financial interests in the book, though I did help Allan to get the ball rolling again to get the second edition moving, and I look forward to getting a copy.
      The Victorian Amateur Astronomer.pdf
    • By jambouk
      We are having our Autumn Conference in Birmingham tomorrow (28th October), open to members and non-members. The programme can be found here though has changed slightly:
      Talks include:
      ·       Roger Salt - “The Antikythera Mechanism”
      ·       Eddie Carpenter - “An Astronomical Slide Show – lantern slides”
      ·       Dr Lee Macdonald – ''From Cracked Mirror to Nobel Prize: Fifty years of the Issac Newton Telescope''
      ·       Professor Donald Kurtz - “It's About Time”
      ·       Dr Allan Chapman – “The Civil Servant and the Sunbeam, Sir Joseph Norman Lockyer, pioneer of solar physics’.
      Should be an educational day. I’ve just been setting stuff up and putting out a vast number of books to sell. If you are turning up on the day, the first talk by Roger Salt is now starting at 10:45am.
      Society for the History of Astronomy Librarian
    • By jambouk
      Following a talk last night on the use of colour filters in observational astronomy by Alan Heath at my local society, I looked for something on the history of eyepieces. I found this comprehensive document which does a pretty good job [and a detailed one] of working through the different groups of eyepieces there have been in the last hundred years or so. It's quite long, and there are lots of equations and the like, but these can be skipped over. I simply found this on the internet, I cannot take any credit for it.

    • By jambouk
      The August edition of the Society for the History of Astronomy's e-News is now available and accessible to all:
      Lots of good stuff in there as usual, though I am biased being the SHA's Librarian
      The SHA is going to have a stand at the IAS in October and I'll be there selling books the library doesn't want to keep. Any boy there is a pile of books; I'm not sure how my poor little car is going to cope under the weight.