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Walking on the Moon

Alignmaster LMST/UT


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i have tried to set my  LMST/UT  my local time and my daylight saving time , and still the best STARS are way off, they are not even up yet or the wrong side of the meridian... after trying 10 time i gave up, no sense sending the mount below the horizon...im in Tilbury , Ontario Canada 

Long: East,82,25,22 Lat: North,42,15,41. 

the actual time on these pics is 10:34 pM , Friday , March 17, 2017

maybe someone has sen this before. 

thank Starhunter.


view 2.jpg

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Hi Ken,

Canada is West of Greenwich as you correctly observe.....but it is East if you are coming the long way round!!

The longitude and latitude given are correct for the Tilbury Ontario Canada area.

Starhunter just needs to change the East setting to West.



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Hello Starhunter ,


Shouldn't your change yoir longitue to WEST ?

Since according to http://www.longitude-latitude-maps.com/city/36_806,Tilbury,Ontario,Canada

If you are located in Tilbury, Ontario, Canada.. then your correct Longtude should be WEST and not EAST side..


Degrees, Minutes & Seconds

Latitude 42° 15' 39.98"N
Longitude 82° 26' 1.90"W






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