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Was 2016 such a bad year?

Stub Mandrel

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IMHO. Considering I felt 2016 was my year of AP. I dont have much to show for it.

Therefore, yes, I would say 2016 was a bad year for astronomy. And the first quarter or 2017 is no better,. Hope things pick up soon :) again, in my opinin

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There is not such a thing as a bad year for, just some are better than others :icon_biggrin: On a personal level I thought it was another good year on the never ending learning curve of astroimaging.

A few highlights and firsts for myself, a first Winjupos derotated image, first "proper" Solar mosaic, first Solar prom GIFF.

Managed to image Uranus + moons and Neptune as well.

Another superb display on Noctilucent cloud, although this probably cost me 3 months interrupted sleep :coffee:

Only managed one decent Saturn image all year. A couple of reasonable Mars images, but no Mercury image at all.

Thin on the ground (or sky) for Comets as well and didn't really do any DSO's either. Despite capturing hundreds and hundreds of images I only managed one meteor as well :icon_biggrin: 

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