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Walking on the Moon

StarlightLive featured in Astronomy Now

Martin Meredith

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The Ultrastar + StarlightLive combination is reviewed by Ade Ashford in April's Astronomy Now. It's great to see SGL member Paul81's software getting this kind of (rave) exposure. 

The article is a good showcase for video astronomy/EAA in general and the power of live stacking on alt-az mounts too and I hope will attract more people to try it out regardless of camera/software. The piece is certainly a good place to start for newcomers to EAA.


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Thanks chaps! Was pretty cool to read about SL in Astronomy Now :-)

I haven't been able to dedicate anytime to SL recently due to work and moving house but pretty much sorted now so can get back to business very soon :-)

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Just downloaded and read the article and I thought it was very well informed and accurate and will hopefully encourage more people into ranks of EAA. I was also impressed to see the results that he was getting with his C11 hyperstar combo, but it would have been good to see some results from the small refractor to show you don't need to spend a lot of money to get amazing results with EAA. 

Congratulations to Paul for getting well deserved plaudits in the Astronomy press. 

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