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Rosette Nebula - rescued

Stub Mandrel

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By all rights this should be the result of 3 1/2 hours of imaging. But i screwed up and forgot to move my counterweight after using my much lighter solar scope in the day. I was only able to use a small proportion of last night's subs, and with the best from my "smash'n'grab" between the clouds earlier in the month, just 47 subs and 96 minutes exposure.

But for just over an hour and a half, I'm pretty chuffed with this as it has both clarity and colour and, for once, acceptably low noise. I still want to get another 2-3 hours more data to really get the best from the Rosette.


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That's RGB correct?  Starting to look great.  Stars look good to me. Maybe a tad greenish in spots.  That's an easy fix in either PS or PI.  More data will give this image a #D quality.  


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3 hours ago, Rodd said:

Maybe a tad greenish in spots.

Thanks Rodd, you are right about the green!

I'm a bit of a HLVG skeptic (to my eye it sometimes takes the life out of yellow and blue as well, but it does a good job on this one). No other changes:


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