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Meade Poolaris 114EQ-D mount question


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Does anyone know if I'd be able to reuse the equatorial mount from the 114eq-d with a different OTA? I have the Polaris lying around since I have a better telescope but I'm looking to upgrade and not buying a new mount could shave off $100-$200. From my understanding it's only a matter of how much weight the mount can hold but I can't find that information anywhere. If anyone knows that'd be great. Thanks in advance. 

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9 minutes ago, Cornelius Varley said:

The Meade mount looks identical to the Skywatcher EQ2 / Celestron CG3 so any telescope supplied on those mounts will be suitable, Skywatcher Evostar 90, Explorer 130, Skymax 102, Celestron Astromaster 90. Astromaster 130.

could I potentially buy new mounting rings for a larger scope and mount it to this mount? Or is this mount made specifically for certain telescope designs and anything else is incompatible with it? Thanks

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Just now, Cornelius Varley said:

The Meade mount uses a standard vixen style dovetail bar, so you will need a pair of tube rings for the new telescope. These may even be supplied with the new telescope.

perfect. Exactly the answer I was looking for. Still debating over getting an OTA with the tube rings or getting a collapsible dobsonian. I'll have to see what the final price is. Anyway thanks for the help.

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