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All three are probably the same telescope, 2 and 3 are slightly better than the Skywatcher 114/500 (slightly better mount). All three might have problems with astrophotography. Newtonian telescopes are normally designed for visual use and don't always achieve focus with a dslr unless modified by moving the primary mirror closer to the secondary (not recommended unless you know what you are doing) or by using a barlow lens to move the point of focus outwards. This also has the affect of increasing the focal length of the telescope and reducing the field of view. If you are aware of the limitations of the telescope and mount/motor drive  you should be able to take photos of the moon or some brighter DSOs with careful balancing, polar aligning and short exposures.

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Hi Saket, out of those three if I really had to choose it would be the 2nd. They are very similar but as Peter has pointed out the latter two have the EQ2 mount. Out of  those two I'd choose the one with aluminium tripod. My experience with the cheaper steel legged tripod is that they are not as sturdy as they seem and tend to twist at the head and there is not much you can do to improve matters.  The aluminium ones though lighter, because of the box section construction work better and lends itself more to tweaks that will improve it further.  I can't advise whether it would be any good for AP  but  if you are thinking of astro-photography it may save you time and money if, as Nightfisher advised in your previous similar thread, you buy this book:


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