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NASA's Survey of Amateur Astronomers


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NASA are conducting a survey of amateur astronomers to see what kind of kit we are observing with and what time of the day we use it.

It seems they are "making an assessment of the hazard potentially present to the general public as a result of NASA's satellite-based climate science lidar measurements"; this is the wording used in an email sent out by the Royal Astronomical Society.

The survey seems fairly straight forwards:


I know nothing more about it, sorry, but I'm happy to help NASA.




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8 minutes ago, Uranium235 said:

Survery done... and an enlightening explanation of Lidar systems on satellites. Not sure ive ever come across one in any of my subs, not sure what it would look like either!

There's a link at the bottom to an image of lidar flashes... green dots!

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3 minutes ago, jambouk said:

In fairness, I think they are trying to monitor things and save the planet and the entire human race... :) 


Agreed, but they've done a really poor job of alerting the public.  This is the first I've heard of it.

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Just when Iridium flares were passing into history ! This is all we need :( At least Iridium wasnt scary.

Where do we get / do they provide predictions  ?

EDIT Heavens_Above have it listed.

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Interesting that they put in capitals 'NEVER LOOK DIRECTLY INTO A LASER WITH YOUR EYE'. 

I put in the comments: 'Tell you what. I'll promise that I'll NEVER LOOK DIRECTLY INTO A LASER WITH MY EYE if you promise never to shine one down my telescope tube. Fair?'

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