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1st Man in the moon for me - ever!


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Well, I have not been out under clear skies for absolutely ages. I have been watching the sky all day today and seeing it improving all the time.

Typical that I need to bed down early tonight as I am more tired than a tired thing and have a very busy couple of days at work this week.

Decided to take a look outside at what might have been. The moon is rising and flooding the sky with light. Looking at the nearly full moon I could suddenly see the Man in the moon! I know others who see it straight away, I never could, but tonight it was really obvious.

Another 1st in astronomy for me ?

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1 minute ago, Uplooker said:

Another 1st in astronomy for me

Congratulations!  I must say, it would be a first (almost) for me (this year) if I could see the sky at all.  Looks, tonight, as though 'the north' is faring better than here in the mid-south (if there is such a place.)


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2 minutes ago, LukeSkywatcher said:

Us astronomers often cant see the wood for the trees, so i respect your honesty on only having seen "the man in the moon" tonight. He only shows his face on a full moon. 

Ha, ha, thanks Paul. I am not proud ?. I think it may have been helped by the fact that I am so tired that I was not looking intensely nor actively looking for the Man, thereby it just appeared ?

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We all see the Moon differently. If you Google "man in the Moon", you gets lots of variations (some extremely creepy). This one for me is about the closest as i see him but even this image has been retouched to highlight the features and make it more human.

looking at this image...........its very creepy.



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