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Walking on the Moon

Moon Light pollution

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15 minutes ago, rockystar said:

I find it funny that when I was younger I used to think the full moon was awesome, now it's just a pain in the behind. :)

have a good trip, hope you get some good skies.

Thanks, last night the moon was a bright orange color when it was rising. The Moon can still be awesome ;) 

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It's possible you'll see the glow of the moon after it set's or before it rises, much in the same way you can tell the direction of the sunrise/set a few hours before the sun actually appears.

The darker the 'dark sky site' the easier it will be to tell where the moon has set/will appear. Atmospheric conditions, local geography and moon phase will play a part- but suffice to say if a full moon is about to rise you should easily be able which direction.

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