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Pier Fixing for neq6


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Hi All,

Its getting nearly to the time that I start making a permanent pier for my mount.

As I having to do this on the cheap I was going to use two brake discs bolted together. It seem that vauxhall carlton ones will be okay to fix the mount but I am struggling to find the diameter of the hub fixing.

I intend on using some plastic pipe for the pier filled with concrete and this seems to be 110mm.

If anyone has any exact details on doing this it would be a real help.



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Hello Spill, A few years ago, I went to a scrap yard and obtained an 8" diameter steel pipe with a flange attatched. You know the flange is a 10" steel circular disk with about  a dozen  3/4" holes arranged in a circle welded to one end. I then obtained a 1/2" thick alloy plate and drilled matching holes to the flange and bolted the flange to the plate. I then mounted an eQ6 to the plate using the eQ6 Tripod head which has the Azimuth bolt. The pipe was 8 Ft long with 3 foot concreted in to the ground. It was a very solid arrangement and cost me £30 altogether approx. Should be able to do the same thing for less than £100 today. It only took a few hours to do.The most time consuming part was getting the rust off the pipe..................Dave

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looks like I have managed to bag myself 2m of 6" plastic pipe. So will visit my local scrappy at some point to have a look around.

Thanks to iapa for the links. Trying to do this on a really tight budget but will keep these links in case my ideas fail.



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