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Binary challenges for March.

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Close binary challenges for March.
These are mainly 2" of separation of less. I've observed these in a 150 refractor and the wider ones in 102. 
Ursa Major.
Iota (Talitha) (SAO 42630 ) 4.1" at +3.1 and +9.2, I'd note this as difficult with a white and blue in the glare.
Σ1559 (SAO 15580) 1.8" at +6.8 and +8.0, a lovely delicate speck.
ΟΣ 200 (SAO 27246) 1.3" at +6.5 and +8.6.
78 UMa (SAO 28601) 1.2" at +5 and +7.9, white and blue.
Σ1770 (SAO 28819) 1.7" at +6.9 and +8.2.

Ursa Minor.
Σ 2034 (SAO 2625) 1.1" at +7.7 and +8.0, bright and near equal.

Σ1406 (SAO 61853) 1.0" at +8 and +8.5.
ΟΣ 215 (SAO 99032) 2.4" at +7.2 and +7.5   Blue and white at x160,
Σ 1500 (SAO 137933) 1.4" at +7.9 and +8.3.
Iota (SAO 99587) 1.7", a yellow and blue at x216.
Σ 1555 (SAO 81893) given at.7", I got this at x216 and it appeared much wider.

Canes Venatici 
25 CNv (SAO 63648) 1.8" at +5.0 and +7.0, a white and blue.

Coma Berenices.
Σ1639 (SAO 82293) 1.7" at +6.7 and +7.8, green and white and widening.
35 (Σ1687) triple from 1.2" to 27.9".
ΟΣ 266 at 13h28.4m. +15 43' , 2" separation at +8.0 and +8.4, caught in the 102mm.

under those 

clear skies ! 


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Nick, your list of Orion's doubles was extremely enjoyable to follow, so I will follow this one too, looking forward to clear skies (hopefully I will live that long :-) )!

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In CDSA, Talitha is shown as a triple, with a pair separated by 0.7 arcsec, and the primary 2.4 arcsec away. I see the close pair as just resolved when the seeing is excellent +. Where did your separation figure come from Nick?


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Thanks for this list, Nick.  I'm working through it with my 12-inch Made LX200.  

Last night I easily split OΣ 215 in my Hyperflex zoom eyepiece at x113 but very nice at x338.

Last night's winner was Σ 1555 in Leo, beautifully split with my Meade MA 6mm at x507, as well as in the zoom at 9mm, (X338).  It helps that the two stars are very similar in brightness and colour.  



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