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6th March, 67 frame prom animation


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My heart jumped with joy when I watched the BBC forecast last night as they said it would be heavy cloud across central and eastern England today, because I've learned that around 90% of the time the weather is the exact opposite of their predictions, and indeed I woke to totally blue skies!

Here's a prom animation filmed over 45 mins. Only 67 frames of 90 survived the processing in AS!2, but still a nice result considering it was such a faint one and seeing was quite poor




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Thanks Ian,  I must admit, I did count myself extra lucky this morning,  having the freedom to grab the sun, especially as it's Monday. My dear wife is the main breadwinner at the moment,  and I'm not sure how "lucky" she feels about that ... ;-) 

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Thanks Ant, yes AS!2 is a dream to use, and invaluable for animations. I just chuck everything in, come back 10 mins later and I've got dozens of fully processed sets of data.  If I can help, let me know (Warning: I only have modest/default skills though ;-) 


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On 3/7/2017 at 06:22, Tony G said:

How long you spend on processing that? 

Thanks all. Hi, processing is pretty quick, now that I know what I'm doing. (learning how to do it took weeks...) Roughly: 20 seconds to create a master flat frame, 1 minute to drag all 90 clips into AS!2, 30 seconds to choose settings, then click start. Wait 15 (approx) minutes for processing, 3 mins to play around with ImPPG to select post processing setting,  5 mins to batch process and align all the usable frames. 5 mins to batch process for colour in GIMP, 5 mins in GIMP to create the final GIF. That's er... around 35 minutes.  If the data is poor it can be a lot longer, but on a good day, it doesn't really take any more work/effort to produce a 200 frame animation. 


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