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Saw these on EBay :


Looks pretty good, I know Celestron have released a similer one but this is about half the price :clouds1:

I quite fancy a green laser but am not 100% sure whether to go for one of these mounted to the scope or just the plain green laser pen :hello2:

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A basic red dot finder would be better.

The use of green lasers is usually discouraged at most societies and star parties, unless used by a speaker or as part of a demo. to point out constellations to beginners. If everyone used them as finders, can you imagine the chaos that would result as the sky lit up like a disco?

And things like this happen as well, intentional or not.....


Regards, Dave

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Looks like a prop from a Terminator movie.

A green laser is a great way of pointing a scope as you can move the scope while looking at the beam in the sky, not bending down to look through a finder. But use only if you are out on your own or with mates not at star parties.


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