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Heads up, Moon moving through Taurus 4th March 2017


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I found this interesting article on S&T covering an occultation of Aldebaran visible in the US.


I had a look on trusty old SkySafari, and although this particular event is not visible to us in the UK, the dark limb of the moon does occult mag 3.7 Hyadum, Gamma Tauri at around 8.45pm tonight while the moon is still quite high. It should look amazing when it winks out instantly as it is occulted. Should be plenty of other dimmer stars occulted too.

The inevitable SkySafari images to show the times etc. Hope it's clear for you!



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Remarkably, the skies are currently clear and I'm out with the OMC140 on the trusty Vixen GP.

I'm using a 40mm Burgess Optical, which by rights should vignette horribly but doesn't at all!

I see earthshine, a lovely terminator and Gamma Tauri heading in towards the limb. Let's hope the sky stays clear for another ten minutes!

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Amazingly the skies stayed clear enough for me to see this. It was beautifully clear until a few minutes before and then some hazy cloud came over. It masked the earthshine, but I still saw the star blink out behind the dark limb of the moon.

I took a couple of iPhone shots, one overexposed to show Gamma Tauri as it approached.





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Very nice Stu :icon_biggrin:

That "blink out" moment is quite wonderful isn't it ?. I saw an unexpected occultation of a star a few weeks ago. Not a grazing one but a straight on "now you see it, now you don't". A lovely little bonus for that session.


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