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Jupiter Gif 4


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This time it was not intended to make a Gif, but a sequence of 4 photos was so interesting that I decided to make an animation.
There are 4 photos with 60 sec of capture per photo and intervals of 60 sec. Each photo stacking 3000 frames in AS! 2 and GIF mounted on PIPP.
Setup used Celestron C8 + ASI 224 + PM 2X + L filter
Capture between 06:40 and 06:46 UT

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Very nice.  I tried yesterday morning with a very similar set up and capture to yours and my ASI290 but I'm afraid the target is just too low at my latitude (54' N) so the turbulence was too great to achieve detail.

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This is awsome Avani! Thank you for sharing!

If you don't mind me asking (possibly a silly) a question. Why do you use a L filter in these images? With your C8 and colour camera does it help in some way?

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Hello Festoon!
I use the L filter because it cuts out the IR band which normally damages the quality of the photo.
If you want to make a photo in the IR should be only in this wave band, mixing with RGB in color cameras usually impairs the quality.

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Thank you for the reply :)

Ah this makes sense, so you are filtering out the long wavelength IR. I think my Baader Needynium does the same job as this if I remember correctly :) 

Would it be OK to message you or ask here some questions about how you processed this image?

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