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First sad attempt at EAA

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A mate of mine is keen to try some live viewing with his Skymax 127, so I had a play with putting my ASI 120mc on it.


This is a single 60 seconds capture from Sharpcap, I only had a darks libarary up to 10 seconds, and it's not de-bayered properly, but I think you get the idea.

The Skymax at F11.8 is probably just way too slow for EAA, and/or the ZWO is the wrong choice of camera, trouble is, my mate expects results without spending money.



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Hi Huw

It's a start - welcome to EAA/Video Astronomy, there's no going back :)

I use an F3.3 SCT reducer on my Skymax 102 with a MAK-> SCT adapter or a 1.25" x0.5 reducer - makes a huge difference to the exposures.

Let us know how you get on.


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There's no bad imaging,, it's all a learning curve,, sometimes you can get great results,somtimes not.

There are too many variables to consider,  weather,seeing,equipment , but when you get an image it can be the best ever image if you have battled the above.. great start to va

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