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Walking on the Moon

Star Adventurer time lapse


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Hi all,

Tried a bit of time lapse tonite, but ended up with half sky and half ground, polar aligned etc before starting, I think where I went wrong was leaving the wedge at 51 degree's instead of setting it to 0 degree's for horizontal paning,  can anyone out there that's up to speed with this advise if my theory is right?  also used a std 18-55 mm lens, think might be better of with a wide angle job.

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I thing if you move the wedge you will lose the polar alignment 

I think you need to put the camera on a ball head and then move 

that to where you want ,you should be fine with the 18-55 lens




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Think about what it is you are trying to achieve. Commonly when taking a time lapse the camera stays still on a static non tracking mount and you take successive images. Then you can use a program such as quick time pro to build a time lapse movie from the images taken. So with a star adventure just use it like a tripod don't need to align it and don't need to power it.

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I've only just started to play with timelapse myself, so hardly qaulified to comment, but as others have said, probably easier to keep the camera still for the first experiments.  Having got it all happening at least in principle, then maybe see what happens if you let the SA pan the camera around the horizontal axis in one direction, while the stars move the opposite way.

I found some useful tips here:


And there's loads of stuff on YooToob...

Have fun!


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