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Walking on the Moon

Raspberry Pi camera trigger


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I have an old dslr, which won't connect to a computer anymore (USB isn't responsive, not even as a mass storage device). So, for astrophotography I have to use an intervallometer. The problem with this is that I can't control or monitor my camera remotely (remote = garden -- living room). Another, more annoying problem is that intervallometers have these absurdly small batteries that run low by just being outside, it seems. Especially during the rare clear nights we've had this winter, the intervallometer can't be trusted once the temperature drops below zero.

Having nothing better to do, I decided to solve these problems. As I use a raspberry pi as a guiding computer, and have installed INDI for mount control, it only seemed natural to write a script to control my camera.

With a few cents (kronor actually) worth of hardware, and a python script, I now have a cheap remote control for my camera.


This is the hardware: an optocoupler and a resistor. The input (left) is connected to two GPIO pins of the RPi, and the output (right) goes to the remote port of the camera.

The script and a more detailed description of its workings can be found here:


Hope this can be of use to someone.




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