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what battery

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tomorrow I'm working at a place that has a supply of leisure batteries and i may be able to get 1 at a good price

i don't need 1 yet as still getting gear together 

but what size do you guys use and what would be adequate 

id like to be able to do some imaging and the mount is  heq5 pro



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If you don't mind charging after each use, get a smaller one for ease of transport. I have a 110Ah for my caravan, and that is very heavy, certainly wouldn't want to lift that every time I used the scope. As I said to you before, I use a 9Ah but can join a second in parallel to give 18Ah. How much current does your equipment  draw? 

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19 minutes ago, Uranium235 said:

Im getting an 85Ah plus CTEK charger (doubles up as a nice car battery charger too) in a couple of weeks, should be about 100 quid for the two.

Where from

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Just be carful with a wet cell battery if you are transporting it as they are vented so can very easily leak.  Most in this instance would opt for a SLA or AGM and they are pretty much spill proof.

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