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Kembles Cascade (135mm f2)

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Bored bored bored of clouds / rain / wind etc etc etc! Probably the worst run of weather for some time.

So... scraping the barrel again and processing some DSLR snaps I took back in December (seems like an eternity ago!).


20x120 ISO400

Samyang 135mm @ f2, Canon 1000d


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That's a nice picture. I've never thought of taking a picture of Kemble's Cascade.

Now I have seen this. I must have ago, with my 135 telephoto and modded 1000D

But sadly. The weather gods are not playing ball!  

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24 minutes ago, happy-kat said:

Nice lens, did you have to process out any CA? Great shapes great colours very nice

No CA present at all (or hardly perceptable), so just normal processing required apart from boosting the star colour to get around the usual shortcomings of a DSLR.

It really is a great lens, probably as good as it gets for the price. You just have to be really careful with the focusing becuase at f2 very small adjustments are all thats needed to get it right. I was thinking about making a belt system for the focuser - its needs to be something like a 20:1 ratio, perhaps even more.

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1 hour ago, happy-kat said:

You've reminded me of the shallow dof at these fast aperatures, I should make a bak... mask for my 135mm lens as it is quite fiddly deciding when you have actually got spot on focus I tend to use when the really faint stars wink on.

Indeed, its a bit tricky with the DSLR - especially when Im trying to use live view for as little time as possibe to keep the chip temp down (though last session I took to using a short test exposure instead, even though its a slower process). Not so bad with the CCD since the Star71 B-mask seems to work alright(ish) with it, though it could probably use a dedicated mask.

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4 minutes ago, bunnygod1 said:

Some lovely star colour visible there, a very nice widefield view. And yes the clouds/rain are beginning to get really annoying :clouds1::clouds2::cussing:

Tell me about it... its a couple of days short of two months now since I last got out.... its really starting to get me down :(

There is a clear slot on its way later tonight, but I dont know if I can be bothered!

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