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Penumbral Lunar Eclipse v2.0

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Okay, let's try this again...I hit the switch on my turnkey project studio, cranked up the old Moog synthesizer and other select vintage keys and composed an eclipse theme, ostensibly for the upcoming solar eclipse in August, but I wanted to preview a bit of here as the soundtrack to my recent penumbral lunar eclipse video. 


The music is "Eclipsy Gipsy", an original composition.


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    • By The-MathMog
      As many others, I was out taking pictures of the Lunar Eclipse this Friday. Though the moon didn't rise until half way through the eclipse, and clouds coming in just as it rose above the horizon, it cleared out and I gave it a go!
      I hadn't planned doing an actual time-lapse, hence why the exposure length and color balance is all over the place. Not until I sat down and had a look at the pictures at least. Some of them I tried to fix with Photoshop, but it was honestly a very big task at hand, so I only did minor adjustments, and then just added the some stills at the end of it.
      But have a look if you like!

      As always simply observing the eclipse was also a treat, and this was only my second time watching one!

      Thanks for watching. Next time I will definitely try to actually properly prepare for a timelapse, instead of just smashing whatever pictures I captured together
    • By COSMOS1256
      Title : Super Blue moon eclipse timelapse
      Date/Location : Jan 31, 2018/Seongnam si Bundang gu, South Korea.
      equipment used : Canon DSLR 450d, tripod
    • By Photosbykev
      3 cameras, 6 hours of shooting, 2000 images and a heap of post processing  best viewed on Youtube full screen HD

    • By Photosbykev
      after shooting on 3 cameras from midnight until 07:15 at 30 second intervals I have a lot of data to play with.
      This is a quick wip before I get some shuteye.

    • By Rusty-Gunn
      Hi. My star gazer daughter Meryl and I, with her friend Sherena, braved 30 below weather to view tonight's lunar eclipse. We took our Skyliner 8" dobson ourside for the first time. Heavy and combersome to pack down three flights of stairs but we got it down. Collimation was next. Waiting to cool down time didn't take long it seemed.
      Here is a picture. I placed my smart phone over the eye piece.
      We enjoyed the viewing, as did bystanders, including my younger brother and his wife. Everyone was impressed with the Skyliner. We had a velry cold but wonderful time.

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